Arthur Gordon

Arthur Gordon is the CEO of One World/Unger Fabrik.  Mr. Gordon is an icon with a legendary career in the fashion apparel business.  Prior to joining One World Star International, he led for over three decades Kellwood’s apparel companies into success, being Kellwood’s longest tenured CEO of any business unit or group owned by Kellwood.

Arthur Gordon is an innovative thinker with diverse industry experience and employs broad expertise in all aspects of apparel merchandising and manufacturing including: operations, design & merchandising, wholesale sales, business development and brand management. He is renowned for having strong leadership skills and strategic vision, resulting in proven ability to quickly analyze key business drivers and develop strategies to increase the bottom line.

As CEO Mr. Gordon directed all strategic and operational initiatives; provided leadership in developing and executing strategies to improve profit by optimizing merchandising, pricing, sourcing and operational processes. In addition to being instrumental to the integration of Briggs, Koret and Sag Harbor under the Kellwood Western Region umbrella, he identified and evaluated acquisition opportunities for target market segments including Fritzi (now My Michelle), Democracy, XOXO Licensing, David Meister and Vince (NYSE: VNCE)

Mr. Gordon had full responsibility for all business units operating within the “Kellwood Western Region” group, during the periods of Public (NYSE: KWD) and Private Equity (Sun Capital) ownership and Brought Vince (NYSE: VNCE) to Kellwood as a company to acquire. Today Vince (NYSE: VNCE) is a publically traded company with a market cap of U.S. $1.2b. As CEO, Mr. Gordon is in charge of overseeing the ready to wear fashion brands for One World Star International.




Clay Medley

Clay Medley is the Global president and president of APS and is a senior level executive with a record of excellent performance spanning over 30 years in the apparel industry. With a proven ability to lead, manage, motivate and resolve issues, he has an understanding of the business from all aspects including engineering, production, sales, marketing, costing, and finance.  Mr. Medley has been leading APS for almost a decade, managing all aspects of the business, increased profitability and has added to the sourcing base.

Clay has extensive experience and has built 19 factories from the ground up, including APS’ manufacturing facility in El Salvador as well as all the management, procedures and systems in Mexico.  Mr. Medley’s obsession with quality and systems, and implementation of manufacturing ERP systems has earned APS a reputation as the best performance factory in the Americas, and one of the top in the world.  Under his leadership, APS has earned over 10 year Best Global supplier, best in quality, best vendor of the year for Under Armour, and for Adidas.  As quoted by Under Armour, APS has been for years the “Best Overall Quality. Awarded based on best overall performance in Quality, On Time delivery, Development, Service, Price/Value.”

Prior to joining APS in 2008 Clayton Medley was president of Z Cavaricci, and President of Guilford Mill’s, a Fortune 500 US public company, Garment division.  Overseeing Unger Fabrik Mr. Medley was instrumental in the merger and acquisition brand policy of Unger Fabrik, where he realized a four fold exponential revenue growth. Guilford recruited Mr. Medley for his stellar record as the President and COO of Movie Star, a US public company where he successfully managed a 19 brand fashion brand company, integrating 8 divisions with over 5,000 employees.

A proper representation of Mr. Medley’s professional stature is best illustrated by Kip Fulks, founder of Under Armour, who, under the leadership of Clay Medley expressed: “ APS not only meet our expectations-they are ahead of the curve every step of the way.  APS has been and continues to be our most valuable partner.”



Edward Yuen

Edward Yuen is CEO of the Star Group manufacturing division. Mr. Yuen has over two decades of manufacturing experience and was instrumental in the success of market leaders such as Jonathan Martin and Rampage in his ability to lead the manufacturing and global sourcing of their product.

Edward Yuen galvanized the Kellwood manufacturing growth being able to successfully execute and deliver product with over 50 million dollar growth revenue within a calendar year, and manage an annual 800 Million dollar manufacturing and sourcing business.

With an ample knowledge in manufacturing and global sourcing, Mr. Yuen has executed strong business strategies to manufacture competitively, maximize savings, and increase profit margins.

In todays’ rigorous quality and delivery demands, Edward Yuen has successfully fulfilled both the manufacturers and retailers needs in developing an extensive sourcing team who handle all aspects of manufacturing in diverse fashion classification, earning the company vendor of the year status for retailers and manufacturers alike.

Under his leadership Star Group has developed into a sophisticated manufacturing resource with an administrative and manufacturing expertise which tackles the ever growing demand for diversification, quality and delivery. Mr Yuen’s ample experience in diverse product is key to his ability to manage and source all kinds of product classifications, and fabrics, in both, knits and wovens, ranging from tops and dresses, bottoms, sweaters, exceeding expectations of USA and European brands and retailers.



Richard Sneider

Richard Sneider is the Global CEO of One World Star International.  Richard Sneider is a founder of Unger Fabrik LLC.  As Owner and CEO of Unger Fabrik and President of One World, Mr. Sneider built what is a fashion industry leader company in America. Mr Sneider’s extensive knowledge in fabric, manufacturing, fashion and brand building is acknowledged by the top retailers in America, and the management teams of the customer base see him as a visionary leader with great wisdom and business acumen.

Under Richard Sneider’s leadership,  the business developed into a formidable platform to acquire brands, build design and fashion teams, and sell directly to retail. Mr. Sneider’s deep understanding of mergers and acquisitions, along with proven track record as a top negotiator “who can close most deals”,  is validated by the acquisitions of Weavers, One World, APS, and the building of Band of Gypsies.  With sharp business acumen, Mr. Sneider turned these  acquisitions into a multifold size, with revenues, with two billion dollars at retail equivalent sales, and have become a dominant player in their respective fashion fields. Richard Sneider has been a pillar in recruiting some of the  most talented designers in their field:, as he believes that the foundation of the company and key to success is the company’s extensive fashion design capabilities. Retailers have a high regard for the One World, Weavers and Band of Gypsies extensive design capabilities to always create the right fashion, for their ability to lead the trend, be it as a brand, or the styling provided for the store owned brands, which are always designed in house: 70% of the nearly 500 people employed in the USA, are dedicated and involved in design and fashion creation.  As Sneider puts it: “we are a temple of fashion and design, and our customers come to us, over and over, to get the trend right product, which is consistently ahead of the competition and of their own capabilities, One World is the number one leader in American in its classification, as the predominant recognized brand and design house of its kind…and, as an executive of the top department store in America says, no matter how much we try, we can never be as good as One World in design, styling and fashion,  One World is the best at what they do, and lead the industry in innovation and creativity”.

Mr. Sneider ’s strategic and leadership skills have resulted in the building of a global company providing trend right fashion to over 100 retail costumers in the United States, ranging from the largest entities, such as Target, to the trend setters of the industry, such as Top Shop, Nordstrom’s and Urban outfitters, earning many vendor of the year awards. With an impeccable reputation and credibility,  Mr. Sneider enjoys a very close relationship with the management of most key retail customers, who often seek his advice in business matters, as well as new initiatives, based on his foresight, reliability and friendship.

Dr. Sneider holds a PhD from the prestigious Claremont Graduate School, with a specialty in identifying objectivity in strategy. Mr. Sneider’s charismatic leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, strategic thinking, and Global vision has been acknowledged internationally by his recruitment to management and boards in advisory roles from various global leading organizations.  Dr Sneider was the first entrepreneur, elected unanimously, from 20 country voting pull, as IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Global Chair to the FFSG chapter; he is also a member of the Chairman’s Council of Conservation International, the International Advisory committee of National Geographic, and the board of HDI, where he advises the United Nations in the Global Creative Forum, assisted in US global conflict resolution congressional delegations, hosted  President Clinton’s initiatives, and Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon.