One World Star pursues many ways to help protect our beautiful planet, including our annual publication of special editions supporting various environmental causes.



“Our goal is to catalyze action for biodiversity conservation by providing information and analysis on the world’s species, including threats, population status, and trends.”
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…this compilation does represent in some ways a corporate sensitivity to the environmental vital challenges.

We all, as inhabitants of the planet need the benefit from the wheels of commerce and progress, but not in a way that this pursuit will result in the current environmental holocaust. Rather, we need to demand as consumers that sustainable, sensitive and responsible corporate practices are implemented in the process; in doing so, and willing to truly be protagonists of change for a solution, we have to change our voracious appetite for the cheapest, and favor the responsible. We, as corporations, on the other hand, to the degree that it is sustainable, need to do our part to educate our work force and leadership and actively participate in figuring out the very best ways, socially and technologically, to indeed heighten sustainability and conservation.

Challenges of views and critical approaches, if understood as and expansion of horizons, and not as enemy embattlement, can be used by all of us to diminish the argued polarization, and promote further understanding and team building. Viewed in this way, our differences makes us stronger, expand our horizons, and make us look at the world and act with a much larger perspective.

This edition is made possible by the cooperation of the production supply chain of One World, Weavers and Band of Gypsies. Once again, we thus dedicate it to our vendors, employees, business associates, management, and customers: it is through your dedication, professionalism, and support that we have the privilege to promote conservation.




Facundo Cabral said, “El Mundo es mi casa, y la vida es una celebración a la que he venido,”venido,” meaning “The World is my home, and life is a celebration I have come to.” I can’t think of a better phrase to embody what this book is about. Celebration of Life is an expression of gratitude and awareness that life on this planet is sacred. It is unique, beautiful, and wondrous. This world is our home, meaning all forms of life in all their manifestations. Through a host of award-winning nature photography, we marvel in the epic battle of predator and prey, the survival game, the struggle of living beings to preserve themselves, of living as a clamor to remain alive. In these pages we also find the very significant message that life cannot exist without its terrestrial home, and thus, treasuring life, entails treasuring its dwelings.




Water makes life on Earth possible, and every drop of it comes from and returns to the ocean. For centuries we have taken the ocean for granted, viewed it as inexhaustible, unknowable; a vast, briny, deep mystery. Oceans: Heart of Our Blue Planet, the 19th volume in the CEMEX Conservation Book Series, looks at the many ways in which all life on Earth depends on a healthy ocean and analyzes the many threats facing its integrity and the welfare of the thousands of people and species that live in and near marine environments. More importantly, this lavishly illustrated book helps connect the dots for why human survival on Earth is directly linked to the ocean and offers innovative and creative solutions to those threats by some of today’s most respected and forward thinking marine scientists.

Humankind ventured forth upon the sea in boats, at first tentatively hugging the shoreline but eventually venturing across long distances of open water to colonize the whole planet. As we learn more about our planet’s oceans and their enormous influence on climate, freshwater cycling, food security and human health, we will be better prepared to create policies that protect ocean landscapes and services that are critical to human societies.










Conservation International Letters of Recognition


Sichuan Panda Conservation Program

“On behalf of Conservation International, I would like to thank One World and Unger Fabrik for their support, as well as your personal participation, in the China Program and specifically for your support of our work on giant pandas environmental sustainability program, and specifically to CI’s Sichuan Panda Conservation program.”

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Raja Ampat Program

“I want to take the opportunity to extend CI’s gratitude for your support to numerous initiatives in our Pacific Ocean programs. Your most recent hosting to the Kiribati’s delegation was most welcomed and validates One World’s role in your representation in Conservation International’s Chairman’s Council. However, I want to highlight your numerous contributions to our Raja Ampat Program in both its financial and participants’ support, from our RAPs, to support of the local efforts, and to the equipment and logistics expertise supporting research and environmental protection.”

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